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Before owning a CR-V i thought Honda's were cars for the older generation, but now the style comfort and interior is top class.


the hands free system!! looked fantastic compared to my old crv and I liked the new shape


We previously owned a 2011 CR-V and this car is a much improved version. It wasn't just the car, it was the whole car/servicing/finance package.


Felt the equivalent cars from other manufacturers did not match CRV finish or spec.,


Ever since owning a HONDA CRV I have always loved the style and road comfort. I was interested in purchasing a new model before Ian contacted me and informed me of the financial alternatives available to me.


I like the CRV it is easy to drive and makes me feel safe in adverse weather.


Luggage area space (I am a golfer carrying other golfers); features as standard on the EX model; the 4 wheel drive ability (living in rural area in winter); the updated design of the 2013 CRV ( the BMW X3 starting to look dated and the Audi Q5 a bit pricey) and Honda's reliability reputation (which I hope proves to be justified).


Felt lovely to drive and lots more features than alternative car.


Proven reliability and value for money, experienced via 3 previous Honda`s


Best overall package. Right car, good value for money and attractive finance.


We were replacing a three year old Freelander GS, which we liked very much and had no trouble with. Honda offered a better trade-in value, better finance and we expect better service if it should be required. The current Freelander GS is less well-equipped than the older one, whereas the new CR-V is slightly better than the older Freelander in several ways (lacking only headlamp washers and ground clearance, and a second rear fog light). It cost less than a new Freelander and it should use less fuel.


The boot space can take a powered wheelchair and hoist while still having rear passenger seats upright. Also we have had a Honda CRV before and thought highly of it.


VFM - The deal offered and the accessories included more than outweighed those of any competitor in the market


Size, running costs, Honda reliability, comfort, practicality, and great looks. Having a spare wheel was important too and hope to see this continue to be included in future as I do not like run flat tyres or no spare options.


just very pleased with The Brand Honda


As soon as I drove the CR-V the whole concept felt right dash lay out, controls, comfort, the drive, very positive steering it just felt right.


The CRV is equiped to very high standard is reliable and a much more pleasureable drive.


Yes the all-round improvements and the look of the car was easy on the eyes and having had a Honda I new how reliable they were and therefore the choice was an easy one to make


The Crv feels more like a car and is very comfortable to drive. It is also a good tow car for pulling my caravan. The Toyota Rav was too light, I didn't like the drive in the Sorrento and I was not able to get a test drive in the Hyundai Santa Fe.


The Mazda CX5 was a contender but the lead-time was too long. I discounted the Ford Kuga as the interior was ugly. The VW Tiguan boot was too small for 2 sets of golf clubs + trolleys. The CR-V boot was easily the largest in it's class and the single action folding of the rear seats made me smile. It was then just down to the test drive to make sure that I was happy with the performance and driving position.


completeness of car with extras included


Although some of the alternatives were similar, the quality of the CRV made it an easy choice.


In terms of value for the price, this car was by far the best I identified - the specification is exceptional. Whilst I could have purchased a prestige brand for the money I spent, I could not have obtained a car that looks so good or feels so good.


This is our fourth CRV, one of each generation and each car has been excellent in terms of roominess, reliability, comfort plus the convenience of four wheel drive in a hilly, rural area.


Lot of car for the money. Fuel consumption wasn;t the best, however, but this was outweighed by availability.


more comfort, much quieter road noise. Great ambience.


I owned the original CRV from new and was impressed with the reliability then. We have recently sold our caravan and did not need the extra pulling power, weight or size of vehicle, but still wished in the Scottish Highlands to have the 4 wheel drive facility. Our previous Honda experience was very good.


We just like the Honda CRV , as years back with the first Honda CRV I was hit from behind the car that ran into me was a right off our was hardly touched I didn't feel much of the impact and my daughter was in the car to and never relished anything had happened till the police arrived . So that is why we stick with the Honda CRV .


after reading a lot of surveys , honest john , j d power what car etc , and honda was the most relieable brand . i nearly bought a honda jazz but the crv fitted our needs perfectly . also 0% finance clinched the deal.


free finance and servicing, plus the car is excellent.Just wish it had a longer warranty if they are as good as you say, why not !!!


2 years ago during the big freeze, I live in central Scotland which was hit pretty bad -16deg C and blizzards. I was never stuck with the CRV i was driving at the time, and thats with travelling up and down to Aberdeen. My son recently bought a Freelander 2, and to be honest he paid for the badge, the CRV is every bit as efficient as the Freelander, more reliable to boot. So when it came to deciding on a new car there was no contest.


really pleased with last Honda reliability in a car is utmost we live in a very remote area and it is important that we have a car we can depend on and it looks great!!


I looked at the Toyota RAV4 but a petrol model was not available in a manual transmission. I did not want a diesel. Also, having read the reviews online, the Honda CRV came out on top of the Toyota RAV4 each time!


Excellent performance statistics, size (to fit in garage), local dealer for servicing, dealer network, 0% finance


Decided to go for a 4x4 and liked the way this drove and all additonal features it came with.