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Nigel Gullam

One great little car, very reliable. We've had ours since 2008 and she has never let us down. CVT works very well, is easy to drive as well and very pleased with the service charges on it. We have done 30,000 miles now. Not driven the newer type but I would recommend Honda to anyone. Also love the space in it as well - it's like the tardis from Doctor Who with regards to space. Brilliant little car, no problems.

Ken Gray

This is such an excellent car. The interior is well designed with extremely good vision, and controls well designed to make easy use and view. The fold-up seats at the rear are perfect for use in storing a wheelchair which was a major selling point for us. Driving is smooth and comfortable. Ecodrive is really useful, cannot fault the car which has been a boon to us. Would certainly recommend the car to Motability users and to other buyers.

Tom Slater

The entire range of Honda offers the ultimate reliability and usability that other car companies could only dream of. I am completely amazed to see that Honda are not doing as well as they should be. They offer great cars that to me are so much better than their rivels on the market. It also amazes me when you see people driving round in cars from France and America which clearly aren't as good.

Samuel Reid

Have just taken delivery of my new Si Jazz. This is my third Jazz - best supermini on the market

Marios Sofianos

What a beautiful car this Honda really is. Stylish, fast enough, sporty enough, and economical. BUT, what a big shame that is not offered with an auto gearbox, especially since in Japan this is available. Had it not been for this omission i would have bought one...

Alisa Woods

I just wanted to say that I took delivery of my first Honda (the Jazz) early last year, and I am a complete convert. The Honda Jazz is brilliant with loads of room and a massive boot. I love it.

Thanks Honda.

Peter Brocklehurst

First Jazz we had - brilliant! Probably the best car we had ever had. Smooth automatic - an absolute joy to drive. Second Jazz we had!!! Probably the worst car we ever had. Also an automatic. How could Honda ruin SUCH a good car?? Quel domage indeed....

Helen Kitchen

I have had two Jazz's and I cannot see why anyone would buy any other car! In my work as an arts manager,I can carry framed paintings, musical instruments, musicians and lots and lots of detritus by virtue of the magic seats. My husband and I often go to the 'great outdoors' and folk music festivals and frequently use the car to comfortably sleep in too and I'm nearly six feet in height! With sleeping bags, it's more comfortable than the tent. The only disappointment is the fuel economy; despite the performance figures for the 1.2l, we never have had 51 mpg in a regime of very careful longish distance driving. I'm fairly certain that we will buy a new Jazz shortly but my technical advisor (my husband) has been viewing TDi Roomsters!

Shehryar Mirza

Back in 2003 my sister got a brand new Jazz SE Sport CVT as her birthday present from her husband. The 7 speed tranmission was a revelation and so impressive in its power delivery. As a proud VW Golf owner himself, my dad drove it once and was so impressed by it as an overall package that he has recently placed an order for a brand new 2010 Jazz ES i-SHIFT without even considering any other car as an option. Jazz is a complete package for a small car and size wise, actually feels like its in the league of larger sized cars. 5 out of 5 Stars!!!!

Tom Fernie

I have two Jazz's, both of which have been used for my Driving School for the last four years. One has covered over 75,000 and the other 100,000+. Both have been outstanding and are still going strong. The pupils all feel safe and have found the Jazz so easy to drive. The cars have been totally reliable. Apart from regular servicing neither has been off the road at all. They have been the best cars I have ever run.

Matthew Kirk

I'm a huge fan of the Honda Jazz, it's a great little car with so much character. It's so much better than all of it's rivals put together, I'd totally recommend a Jazz to anyone, far more superior to the competition. Try one, you'll love it!!

Richard Lovett

I have two Jazz cars. A 2003 model with 70,000 miles and a 2007 model with 20,000 miles. They are both CVS automatics and both still drive like new. The Jazz is exceptionally versatile and has more room than many larger cars. Reliability has been outstanding and the only service expenses have been oil, filters and one new set of tyres. I would recommend an annual transmission oil change though which is more frequent than Honda recommends.

A. J. Ratcliff

I was going to buy a Yaris, that was until I read some negative Customer Feedback on the web site the evening before concluding the deal. Fortunately for me, the Toyota Salesman made the fatal mistake of mentioning in his sales pitch that the only car that came near to the Yaris was the Honda Jazz! My wife and I decided to go round every major manufacturer the following day to select an alternative to the Yaris, but agreed we would look at Honda first. My wife and I were immediately attracted to the car and virtually fell in love with it there and then. Everything about it seemed to shout quality, from the design and build, to the feel of the switches and buttons. After some discussion with the salesman and a good look through the options list (I'm a complete gadget fan!) we went for a test drive. Our first expectations in the showroom were more than fulfilled on the road!

Lindsey Hopkin

I absoultely love my Honda Jazz - never had a brand new car before so obviously notice the luxury but this car is superb, its economical, nippy, comfortable, relaxing, easy to park (essential!) , stylish and spacious. would have no hesitation to recommend (I did and my sister has now bought one - she lives in Australia and loves it for driving her long distances). I am going to also take up the service offer over the 5 years.

Brian Johnston

Have had my Jazz EX i-SHIFT for 1 week now and I have to say it is a great car. It feels like a much bigger car inside than it actually is and the new dual boot system is very handy. It is a very smooth ride and handles brilliantly. The glass roof makes a great difference and I am glad I went for the higher spec model. I have never had a car with cruise control but it is very useful and easy to use for motorway driving and makes longer journeys seem effortless. I had an Astra twinport before which is also a semi automatic but I prefer the i-SHIFT although I tend to use the paddles behind the steering wheel for changing up at lower gears. The steering wheel is a work of art and it is obvious to see why it is used in other models. It is also quite an eye catching car especially in the Milano Red and I have noticed a few admiring glances. Pleased also that red is the cheapest colour option in the range. I owned an older Jazz previous to my Astra and the newer model has changed for the better. As with the last Jazz the build quality seems excellent. No rattles or squeaks. All in all an excellent car and I am pleased with my choice.

Tony Pitchford

I agree with every positive review you have on your website. I had my first Jazz in 2002, second in 2006 and third in 2009 and will still want to buy one in 3 years time. However one thing that my husband has asked me to point out is that he keeps hitting his hand on the large circular dial for heat direction when he changes gear. Maybe this is just something that is just a problem for him or maybe not?

Andrew Wade

Bought my wife a jazz 3 years ago and she has fallen in love with it. For the first time ever we will replace our jazz with another jazz, usually we change make or model or both so need I say more. I have to admit I love to drive it as well, she calls her car "The Tardis" for obvious reasons.

Murray Freedman

Back in 2005, I was looking for a new car to replace my (3rd) Smart car as my wife was fed up with its poor ride. I needed something small for driving in London, but which had adequate room and was good to drive. I decided on a Jazz and am delighted I did. My Vivid Blue, 1.4 Auto has been a really amazing car. Its great on the motorway - a journey to and from Manchester in a day was not tiring - it is really easy to chuck around in traffic in town, and I can get so much stuff in it when I need to. As an example, I bought a 6ft table (with folding legs) and after putting down the passenger and rear passenger seats, it went in easily and I could close the rear gate. So, having had my Jazz for almost 5 years what do I think? I have a new 1.4 i-VTEC EX i-SHIFT arriving in late January and which addresses my concerns - as soon as it arrives, it's getting leather seating and upholstery and coupled with the new look and cruise, I hope to have removed my few reservations. What's more after almost 5 years, I hope to get back almost 50% of the original cost - amazing! I've found that serious car people in the trade all like Jazzes because they're, in the words of one supplier, 'a proper car'.

Janice Seward

After owning several BMWs over the years, when I semi-retired I wanted a smaller and more economic car and after my initial purchase of a Fiat, I had looked at several dealerships and models within my budget. I have to say my buying experience at Marshal Honda York was fantastic. After having taken the test drive I was convinced the car was for me. I have been using it now for about two months and find the versatility and comfort extremely good for a car in this class.

George Jackson

To whom it may concern, having driven VWs for the last 12 years, I decided to try a Honda. First impressions count, and I am blown away with this car. Great looks, comfort, vision, economy, is there anything I missed. My wife picked the criteria. i.e. 5 doors, good sized boot. I picked the make and model, and even my father in law is impressed with how smooth and refined this car is. My neighbour keeps commenting on how good the engine sounds at tick over, and he was a car mechanic, so does know about these things. My first tank of petrol returned 58 m.p.g., so I have already bettered the official figure by some way. No easy task, some may say, but really I did not try too hard. Thanks anyway for producing a car that I think, is the best I have ever driven.

Keith Arskey

Hi, I've been looking at the new Jazz website. We purchased a Jazz in 2002 when it was very new indeed. We were very impressed by the magic seats - but the whole car was put together so well, and we loved it for the three years we kept it until the company car came along. What a disappointment not to be able to keep the Jazz - comfortable, reliable, stylish, economical. All the things you want from a car. I'm now moving jobs and looking to purchase a car for my new driving school. Hey, the new Jazz looks to be on top of my list again. It's a bit bigger, a bit more stylish and it'll have a few more clever things on it. I think my pupils will be delighted with it. I'll be popping along to my local Honda dealer very soon. It's gorgeous (the car, not the dealership).

Jim C

You have without a doubt created a creature of greatness. It seems to be chosen by the more mature drivers and that alone tells a story of importance to all. Seldom have I seen the younger driver enjoying this little car. Sensible drivers who have a lifetime's knowledge of owning cars feel they are the greatest on the road. Keep up the good work. I hope to take delivery this week of the latest model and enjoy the pleasures of the EX Jazz - my third Jazz. You younger folks don't know what you're missing out on.

M Meachen

I have owned my 1.4 DSI Jazz for about a month and have driven the car about 500 miles in that period. I was so impressed by the fuel economy, I decided to post a comment on the Honda website. In stop-start inner London driving conditions (i.e misery and frustration), the fuel consumption meter displays 45 plus mpg average. But continue out of London, on to clear roads, and the FCD builds up to an astonishing 60mpg average. An advanced feature of the Jazz is the twin sparkplug ignition. I think this may be the factor behind the Jazz engine - idling at only 500 revs per minute, unlike the typical 800 rpm of many cars. The benefit, when stationary in a traffic queue, is that the Jazz consumes less fuel – hence the great mpg figures. The Jazz 1.4 DSI is a petrol fuelled car, despite the sobriquet, yet returns diesel frugality. The Honda Jazz is a fine car. I regret that I wasted several years before buying one.

A Thompson

Dear Honda, In 2002 we got our first Jazz - a 1.4SE. It did what you said and more. It took our student daughter and all her worldly belongings from Aberdeenshire to Cambridge - and us too! And all our luggage, economically and in comfort. And did you know that a Jazz can take two mountain bikes between the front and rear seats? Leaving the boot free for other things. In 2006, we got another. It had lost its sunroof, but had gained alloy wheels. It hasn't missed a beat. Now it's 2009, we're in a recession and next weekend we're going to get our third Jazz. Why? Because the new one's even more economical, more powerful, quieter and even more roomy. It has even more good ideas. Like a panoramic sunroof, climate control, cruise control, automatic lights and wipers and a boot that can be configured many ways. A very grown up Jazz. Our test drive confirmed that. And our Honda dealer is very keen to take Jazz two in part exchange - he says he'll sell it no problem! So he's able to offer a great trade-in value. And we get another three-year guarantee and roadside assistance. Not that we'll need it! Can't wait for 1st March - and our new Jazz!