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Visual impact

At Honda, we like to think we have nothing to hide. But one thing we’ve made every effort to conceal is our plant at Swindon.

Inside looking out

The Swindon site is huge. The buildings alone cover 195,000m2, and then there’s all the parking space for the vehicles we make and the people that make them. Each building is colour-coded and constructed to blend in with the environment. They are also designed with the aim of getting the highest output from the smallest space possible.

Outside looking in

A series of tree belts surround the site and hide it from view. These use native English species – such as English Oak, Beech and Hawthorn – and are regularly maintained.

All lighting in the operational areas of the site is directional and aimed away from neighbouring South Marston village. At night, two out of every three perimeter lights are turned off – which also saves energy. Timers and photocell switching also help reduce energy consumption.

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