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A biofuel such as bioethanol releases CO2 like any other fuel when it’s burned. But because bioethanol is made from plants, it has already played its part in reducing CO2 by absorbing substantial amounts during its growth.

Sounds perfect. But the felling of forests and clearing of land to grow biofuel crops threatens not only the environment, but also food prices in the developing world.

At Honda, we’ve been working on a solution with the Japan-based Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE).

A new approach to bioethanol production

Through technological innovation, we’ve found a way to produce ethanol from the inedible leaves and stalks of plants such as rice straw.

We’re now examining the market appeal and economic viability of this new fuel at our specially developed test laboratory.

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We're experimenting
with a new 'carbon
neutral' ethanol