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Fuel cells

FCX Clarity – the first of its kind

New technology needs new ways of thinking. That’s why our engineers had complete freedom when it came to developing our first fuel cell vehicle – from the way it worked to the way it looked. The result is the FCX Clarity.

There’s been nothing like it before. Our innovative V Flow fuel cell platform works in combination with a compact and efficient lithium ion battery. The battery provides an extra boost when needed, and is recharged by braking and deceleration. Which means the FCX Clarity offers the power of a traditional engine, with the cleanliness of an electric car.

Over all this technology is fitted a stylish and futuristic sports saloon bodyshell.

The countdown to launch

The FCX Clarity isn’t a future concept. The first one came off the production line in Japan on 16 June 2008 after 19 years of development and they’re currently in use by a number of selected drivers in Southern California.

The way we all drive is changing. And for the better. Remember where you heard about it first.


Honda FCX Clarity uses
fuel cells to eliminate
CO2 emissions