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Home energy station

Farewell petrol pumps, hello Home Energy Stations (HES). This is where you’ll recharge our hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles of tomorrow, such as the FCX Clarity. And that’s not all. It will provide your home with heat and electricity too.

How does it work?

Our latest, fourth generation HES is based at the Honda R&D Americas Inc. research facility in California. The HES extracts hydrogen from natural gas to enable a fuel cell vehicle to be refuelled from your home. That extracted hydrogen can also be used to create electricity for your home by passing it through a fuel cell in the HES. And the heat produced by this process also generates hot water for you to use too.

The results are impressive. Let’s take an average US home as an example one that takes its electricity from the grid and has a petrol-powered car in the driveway. The HES can reduce the CO2 emissions of that home by an estimated 30% and its energy costs by up to 50%.

You can see why we’re so excited about it. And why we think it’s the practical solution to the challenge of hydrogen refueling.

Our HES can reduce
the CO2 emissions
by 30%