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Scam (Phishing) Emails Using Honda’s name
Honda is aware of an increase in reports of scam emails, popularly called “phishing” emails – where third parties use the name of legitimate companies to obtain private information about customers, such as personal or financial details (e.g. credit card numbers or passwords).

This practice is carried out either by sending a bogus e-mail direct to the victim or by directing them to a website where information is requested.

Deceptive e-mails using Honda in their address and enticing recipients to visit certain websites have been sent around for some time.

In one specific case recently, victims have received e-mails from “Honda Handel AG”, inviting them to be thefinancial managerof “Honda Handel AG” and collecting their personal information.

Honda does not have any relationship or connection to “Honda Handel AG”.

Further examples have included e-mails notifying the victim that they have won a Honda competition and need to enter personal information to receive the prize, in some cases a car.

Please treat any notification of having won a prize for a competition that you have not entered, with extreme caution.

Honda advises that if you receive an e-mail asking for personal information, and you have concerns about its authenticity, then please contact your local Honda office. In the UK this is as follows:

Honda (UK)
Cain Road
RG12 1HL